I grew up in Hammond Ontario,  a small town near Ottawa.  I was interested in music from an early age but decided to take it more seriously in my later years of high school and went on to complete my bachelor's in classical percussion at the University of Ottawa. As a percussionist I later worked with the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, The National Art Center Orchestra, Capital Brass Works, and with multiple other orchestras and ensembles.


In 2011, after my classical studies, I moved to Montreal to freelance as a drummer and audio engineer. I later attended the recording program at Recording Arts Canada college but left after only one term for some extensive touring in the US as a drummer.  

On my return to Montreal, I started working and collaborating with Studio Fast Forward where I assisted Rob Heaney for 2 years, Studio Sophronik, Beebop Studios, Sphera Collective, and Studio Mobile. I have since been working mainly as a recording and mixing engineer. 


I have also had the chance to work on 2 Felix winning albums, Alex Desilets Windogo, and Laurence Jalbert Ma Route, and was recently recording engineer for the Juno and Canadian Folk Music Award-nominated album Hapax, by the band Oktopus.






I really try my best to improve daily at my hobbies which also make up my career. As long as I can wake up, think about my day, work on something that is challenging and go to sleep at night with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, I'm all set. 

At the end of the day, mixing music is what gives me the most satisfaction. I try to do an average of 6 hours per day, then I can attend to other business issues and personal projects. 

After completing every album, I've gained a variety of new tricks and knowledge which becomes my starting point for the next one. I compare my work to the best recordings and mixes I can find, done by the best names in the industry, and I try to push my own standards to match theirs.


I've got a lifetime's work ahead of me, so I know what I have to do, and that is whatever the situations I find myself in, I need to keep practicing.